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Interior Designer Seattle: How Much Is a Space Worth?.

Your house, your apartment, your office, or your studio; any place you live in, you act in, contains several rooms, spaces destined for different activities and with varied goals.  Every one of those spaces has a personal significance.  A space can mean a morning of efficient work, a rainy afternoon of deep meditation, eight hours of well deserved rest, or a delightful time with your loved ones around a heart-warming dinner.

The value of a space is not in its size, its height, its location, the materials it is made out of, or in the property it sits on.  A space is priceless if the moment you enter it you lose yourself in its purpose, and the only thing that matters is your satisfaction while you experience it.

It doesn't matter how much you invested in them, if the spaces in your home or office reflect you, your ideals and your lifestyle, you have a winner; you have achieved what for many people is a complete mystery, the way to make a space work for you.

To keep up with today's demanding lifestyles, spaces- as well as people- have evolved to fit the need for efficiency as much as care.  A person's identity is defined by their presence, ideals, and actions and is supported by their surroundings.  Very important are personal spaces today when you want to convey a certain feeling or image to others and most importantly, when you desire to find personal meaning in every single activity you perform during your day.

It is not just about getting some furniture and placing it against the walls.  When you are going to be using a space, you want it to make you feel a certain way, you want it to be energized to enhance your experience, whether it is reading a book, sleeping, working with your laptop, listening to music, eating, cooking, or taking a shower; and today, the array of materials and ideas available is so vast that it doesn't matter if your budget for design and decoration is low or high, if you know yourself, and you have a clear vision of what kind of spaces complement your lifestyle, you are meant to get a priceless area out of every room in your home or office.

As everything else, it is about energy vibrating at the same frequency.  When a space's energy is aligned with its user(s), everything flows in harmony, influencing mood, efficiency, consciousness, and even the subconscious, to bring out the best in both.

A space that works for its owner or owners, conveys their clear personality and bright idea of life, allowing it to be: felt by anyone who comes in contact with it, and transmitted freely throughout the universe to attract more of the energy it encompasses.

This is the challenge of any interior designer, to transform a certain personality and feelings into a living space, and there is an interior designer in Seattle capable of doing just that.

Amely Wurmbrand is the face behind Amely Wurmbrand Designs; a company that specializes in transmitting style, intelligence, and feeling through spaces full of light, creative materials, and unique designs. 

As a Seattle interior designer and the West Coast, Amely has characterized herself and her team for working hand in hand with her clients in order to imprint their identity and life ideals into the design, ensuring that every space is living proof of that person's particular love and vision of life. 

Through the intelligent and inspired use of color and textures, Amely digs deep into the clients' feelings to create personal paradises which talk about their experiences, pursuits, hopes, and beliefs.  No wonder she is an award winning and nationally recognized Seattle interior designer, her main purpose is to reflect the owner's character in every space, not her own; opening her up to countless styles and inspired creative visions.

Amely Wurmbrand Designs is an enlightened team of six people who are ready to take on any challenging space and transform it into a sensory experience of balance, harmony, and practicality with their characteristic focus on style, intelligence, and emotion.  They have been featured and praised in national and local magazines like “Better Homes and Gardens”, “Metropolitan Home Magazine”, “Seattle Times”, and “Seattle Homes & Lifestyles”; appeared on national television, in episodes of HGTV and King 5 television and won a couple of important interior design awards:  the 2004 and 2007 Northwest Design Award.

Amely started as a Seattle interior designer after graduating Cum Laude from Cornish College of the Arts.  Her numerous trips to Europe and the Middle East have been of great influence in her design career, permitting her to blend her experiences in those Continents to enrich her creations and reveal new horizons which may be unknown to her clients.  

The company aims to achieve for the clients what its founder has created for herself and her family.  Spaces that nurture and reward them every second of every time they are used.  Being a Seattle interior designer with many interests and a deep love for life and beauty- Amely paints, teaches, practices yoga, likes cooking, and traveling- she infuses her positive energy into every project she is assigned, adding to the inspiration and expectation already alive in the owners' hearts.

See a sample of Amely Wurmbrand Designs portfolio or contact the team directly.
If you are in search for an interior designer in Seattle, Amely Wurmbrand surely fits the mold if your idea is to get a space that, not only complements, but enhances your lifestyle while telling your personal story in a colorful, dynamic, stylish, and emotional way.  This is where true worth is and what you will never have to pay for, because it comes directly from inside of you; our professionals just bring it to life in a space devoted to make you dream, grow, and live your best life.


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