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Learning about Seattle interior designer Amely Wurmbrand's background is more than enough to realize the quality of her work. World traveling together with formal studies in interior design and a variety of other arts, Wurmbrand is well aware of her creativity and doesn't hesitate to use it at it's highest.

Amely Wurmbrand is a Seattle interior designer who lives with her husband and son in a modern home in Richmond Beach. She wakes up everyday in a middle-century house which was completely renewed to her family's own taste and needs. She is the principal designer at Amely Designs, our six-person firm located in Seattle, WA. Seattle interior designer Amely Wurmbrand works with clients in Seattle, Washington and all up and down the West Coast, and through time she has built a reputation of excellence at what she does, thanks to her hard work combined with expertise, refined taste, and proven client's satisfaction. Seattle interior designer Amely Wurmbrand develops customized designs that meet the client's needs and tastes.

In her work at Amely Designs, this Seattle interior designer’s main purpose is that the clients find themselves reflected in their home's design. To achieve this, we present an initial design concept and propose a few materials an fabric palettes. Later, this concept is enriched as we have several interviews and meetings with the client during the project's preparation: this is where our Seattle interior designer presents furnishings, materials, and fabric palettes that together with the client's personal taste, will lead to the desired results.

Our insightful Seattle interior designer works out every detail with the clients and keeps them informed about the lead time of delivery for the variety of furnishing and materials that they may choose for their residences. We are also able to provide a project management service, as Amely Wurmbrand grew up in a real state investing family, and she is completely familiar with matters of construction and installations. You will find that this Seattle interior designer's profile is filled with knowledge, recognition, and experience, which can only lead to great results and satisfied customers.

No other Seattle interior designer will do her best to make the design all about the clients, although her or other members of Amely Designs will recommend or suggest the use of different materials or colors. A beautiful, warm and tailor-made to the clients' taste interior design is extremely important: not only does it need to be practical, functional, and comfortable, but also beautiful, and has to evoke the client's personality, so that they find themselves in it everyday and feel that it truly belongs to them. Seattle interior designer Amely Wurmbrand knows how important it is to feel at home in your house, as it is seen in her own place. Amely's house is the result of her own deep creative process, and has appeared in magazines like Metropolitan Home and Pacific Northwest. You can see some of the work our Seattle interior designer did in her home in our portfolio section.

Seattle interior designer Amely Wurmbrand's personal taste includes vintage furniture and Feng Shui. Her knowledge of European and Middle-Eastern culture, acquired by traveling with her grandfather for many years, gave her a wide view of the designing concept. Amely Wurmbrand is a Seattle interior designer who is able to put together cultural furnishings and accessories from Prague and Brazil, and make them look sophisticated and personalized. Her art history studies allowed her to develop outstanding and tasteful compositions which are always adapted to the client's preferences.

At Amely Designs we have the ability to make your dwelling into a fulfilling, dynamic space, that will fit your personality and respond to your lifestyle. It is possible that you prefer minimalist design, or maybe modern design. Neither of them would be a problem because this Seattle interior designer is familiar with all styles and is capable of customizing each one of them, in order to make them "look like the client". To do so, our tasks include a lot of researching and making use of our global sourcing expertise. Amely Wurmbrand is a Seattle interior designer with a great capacity to meet your specific needs. You will see her knowledge and experienced translated into refined spaces that will nurture well-being and peace in the dwelling you live in.

As you go through the process, you will see how personalized this Seattle interior designer's work is. You will take part in every step of the project, from the initial look and layout of your home, to the furnishing and material selection. Our Seattle interior designer will discuss with you different aspects of the designing process to make sure everything fulfills your expectations and goes with you and your family's needs and personalities. Amely Wurmbrand is an experienced Seattle interior designer who goes all the way to reach her client's satisfaction.

If you need a Seattle interior designer, look no further. Go to our contact section and tell us about your ideas, or call 1-206-542-0447 to discuss your project right away! Amely Wurmbrand will change your house's look and soul; you will never feel more at home. .


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