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Have you ever dreamed of a house reflecting your innermost feelings and thoughts, where you can feel not only comfortable, but also fully interpreted?  This is the dream of interior designers in Seattle, as it has been the search of countless generations of people throughout the centuries, always looking for the right design to suit people’s needs, meet their expectations and hopes, and reflect clearly who they are. From the Egyptians and the Greek to modern times, people have tried to express their perception of life through their ways of decorating the little piece of world around them. Interior designers, on their part have tried to interpret people’s essence and transform it into color, space, or furnishings.  The evolution of their designs through history is what allows us to read part of life in ancient times from every piece of their work. Modern times are no exception to this, being the life story of a person the basic source of inspiration for interior designers in Seattle or anywhere in the world.

Interior design is officially known as such probably since the XVIII century, when the wealthiest and/ or  aristocratic citizens of the British Isles and France paid to have some people, renowned for their exquisite taste and talent, to embellish their homes. They trusted their work so much that they usually allowed the designers to express themselves freely in the ornamentation and use of color and space, and were happy to invest large sums of money to get exclusive designs and furnishings, striving for magnificence. This soon gave birth to a very popular trend: that of having your favorite rooms or the whole house renovated and decorated by a specialist, as a sign of the most refined elegance. The trend spread easily all over Europe, and through the course of time reached little by little the most influential socio-economic groups around the world. In time, interior design found its way among the wealthiest, first as a sign of opulence, then as a sign of personal qualities and refinement. One of the most memorable examples of the popularity of interior design is perhaps the reign of King Louis XV of France. His reign is still remembered because of the characteristic and stylish way he had his palaces embellished. Much of the style that designers created for him has been copied, imitated, and recreated throughout the years, most of the time with magnificent results. Throughout history, the work of interior designers has been so good in general, that it has been able to influence the whole world for complete decades, and in many cases has remained timeless and extremely popular, as it is the case of minimalist modern décor, for example. Interior designers in Seattle on their part, work with the perfect mixture between the timeless elegance of the best quality materials placed in the expressive design periods that best interpret your personality
Interior designers in Seattle know their job well. Capturing the essence of a person and then reflecting it into his/her residence is not an easy task. It requires hard work, talent, observation, and a lot of psychology. Working closely with the client is essential, and this is what they do, because it is the only way that you can understand their expressive style and feelings, and then recreate them through the use of a specific color or the creative use of space. It is not the preference for certain elements that matters; it is the way that these elements can interpret a person. A space can tell the life story of a person, and this is why you need to study the person first. Customized furnishings, the use of unique materials for flooring, lights and furniture, fulfilling designs, and in general individually tailored projects that will make your home into a dream are the goals that interior designers in Seattle pursue as priorities in their business.

With the firm idea of transforming rooms or complete homes into the places where you have always wanted to stay, interior designers in Seattle have perfected their observation methods and working techniques, so as to provide you with highly customized spaces. The idea is that the designs suit not only your needs, but also your taste and spirit. Elegance, refinement, period designs, or minimalist art décor, open spaces, freedom; in sum, all the elements your need to define your own perception of the world and life are now at hand.

Your needs, your likes, your dreams, your life. It is possible to put them all together and build a whole world around them. There are those who can interpret your feelings and emotions and convert them into color. They can read your lifestyle and reflect it in your furniture and use of space. They can listen to your hopes and transform your home in what you want it to be. Interior designers in Seattle are ready to help you uncover the real you.

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